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“The ability to perceive or think differently is more important than the knowledge gained.”  David Bohm

Courses & Tutorials

This page will be updated regularly with information about upcoming postgraduate courses and workshops. These are primarily for qualified Craniosacral Therapists but if you are a therapist of another discipline and are interested in attending, please contact me.

As well as postgraduate courses listed below I also offer tutorials for students or qualifed craniosacral therapists. These can be 1:1 or up to 4 people, depending on the topic. Time needed will also vary depending on the topic and the number attending. These tutorials can be on general topics (eg: practitioner presence; grounding techniques; self-care) or more specific topics (eg: the autonomic nervous system; the endocrine system; working with chronic pain). All tutorials will include a theoretical and practical component. Please contact me for further information about topics covered and cost.


Deepening into your Practice

Dates to be confirmed

Series of workshops aimed at Craniosacral Therapists (or others by arrangement) who are seeking to further explore their therapeutic identity. Topics include what we bring to the therapeutic relationship and how to approach that relationship in an authentic way. It will also create a safe space to explore the lifelong and evolving question of "What kind of therapist am I?"

Eligible as primary CPD for the CSTA.

​Working with Neurological Conditions - Dates to be confirmed

An opportunity for craniosacral therapists (and others by arrangement) to explore the nervous system through theory and practice. This will include background and approaches to working with specific conditions as well as understanding neuroplasticity. We will explore the challenges of working with those with complex presentations including physical, cognitive, communication and behavioural difficulties. Eligible as primary CPD for the CSTA.

The Emotional Nervous System - COMING SOON

Working with the nervous system with a holistic and integrated awareness.

The Importance of Language in the Therapeutic Space - COMING SOON

When to talk, when not to talk, that is the question. Includes one day basic counselling skills and one day of integrating this learning into practice

Working with Gender and Sexuality in the Therapeutic Space - COMING SOON

Re-thinking gender and sexuality and it's practical applications in therapeutic work.


Information about upcoming retreats coming soon....


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